Prof. Thomas Dolan Visits ASIPP and Communicates with Students

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“He’s the name that I often see on professional books.” WU Xingquan, an ASIPP PhD student showed his excitement of meeting Prof. Thomas Dolan.

Prof. Dolan gave two lectures during his visit to ASIPP in April. The first report, “Material Issues”, systemically discusses the first wall heat loads, physichemical interactions and high energy neutron radiation of fusion reactor devices. The second, “Power Plant Design”, demonstrates the different fusion concepts in history and the integrated design of fusion power plant in different countries.

Besides the professional lectures, a joyful conversation was organized with students, where the different life styles and interests between western and eastern countries were exchanged with stories.

Prof. Dolan is a nuclear technology expert with abundant experience of research at universities and national labs of different countries. The students are inspired by his world-wide view and learning enthusiasm. (WU Xingquan reports)