CAS Vice President Zhang Yaping Visits ASIPP

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May 7th, CAS vice president Mr. Zhang Yaping made his first visit to ASIPP and EAST tokamak.

   Prof. Li Jiangang welcomed Mr Zhang, and briefed him on the “cleanand unlimited” nuclear fusion energy, its principle and advantages, saying that fusion is a solution to energy crisis in today’s world, Prof Li also introduced the key technical problems of EAST tokamak and its experiment goals. Mr. Zhang was able to learn more about ASIPP self-development for EAST and key technologies by visiting EAST Control Room and seeing EAST device, and he also got a general idea about ITER program. 

   Before leaving, Mr. Zhang discussed some fusion-related questions with researchers and confirmed the significant results ASIPP achieved in fusion research. (Wang Yuan Reports)

Prof. Li introduces EAST Model

Visits EAST Device

VIsits EAST Device-2