ITER RXC Preliminary Design Reviewed

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The Preliminary Design (PD) for ITER Radial X-ray Camera (RXC) was reviewed in ASIPP on January 20-21. Thereby, RXC is among the first Procurement Arrangements (PA) of ITER diagnostics that have completed PD. 

The  review was conducted with expert panel in ITER of France remotely. Phil Prior from UK CCFE chaired the PDR panel, which included more than twenty experts. The panel thought highly of the design results and agreed that RXCPD satisfied the requirements of IO and CNDA.  

Michael Walsh, Head of ITER Diagnostics Division, gave a welcome speech by introducing current progress of ITER and significance of PDR. Following him were the presentations from Robin Barnsley and Antoine Sirinelli who are responsible officers (RO) of ITER RXC. They put forward methodological and technical requirements for RXC design. Accordingly, Liqun Hu, RO of ASIPP RXC PA, concluded the progress and difficulties of RXC. 

During the review meeting, fifteen reports were presented by RXC team, including physical and engineering analysis, mechanical design and structural analysis, load analysis andintegrity, neutronics analysis, RAMI analysis, nuclear test and electronics test, CODAC and I&C factory acceptance test, remote handling compatibility and so on. The panel pointed out problems and made suggestions respectively after listening to each report while the engineers responded in terms of design request, principle and conditions, etc.  

Both sides conducted deep communication by exchanging views and ideas. ASIPP expressed their determination to improve the design according to the comments of PDR and make full preparation for final design review (FDR). 

Before PDR, RXC team has organized interface review meeting, PD pre-review meeting and many internal discussions. With the guidance of domestic and foreign experts invited, the team discovered problems and improved the design in time, thus laying a solid foundation for the success of PDR. (ZHANG Zijun Reports)