Alan Wootton

Research Field: Research FieldStudying plasma-surface interactions, equilibrium, stability, turbulence and transport, developing diagnostics, and data collection and interpretation; developing the requirements for a neutron source for testing first-wall and other fusion reactor components
  From: Institute for High Energy Science, University of Texas at Austin

Abdou Mohamed Aziz

Research Field: Research Field Nuclear Fusion and Fission Science and Technology
  From: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, University of California

Evgueni Oks

Research Field: Development of Advanced Spectroscopic Methods for Measuring Electric Fields of an ICRH Antenna in Tokamaks
  From: 206 Allison Lab, Auburn University

Heiji Sanuki

Research Field: (1)Neoclassical Transport in Helical System, (2) Micro-instability analysis, (3) Reduction of Anomalous Transport and Theoretical Modeling of Confinement Improvement, (4) Theory of turbulence self-organized coherent structures (Zonal Flow and GAM), (5)Nonlinear Shock wave
  From: National Institute for Fusion Science

James Alan Leuer

Research Field: Magnetic Fusion Research: Tokamak analysis, Startup and design; Linear &non-linear magnetic analysis
  From: General Atomics

 Mansfield Dennis Kirkwood

Research Field: Thermonuclear Fusion Research and in particular the Plasma-Wall Interaction
  From: Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory

 Manfred Georg Von Hellermann

Research Field: Plasma Diagnostics, Active Beam Aided Spectroscopy
  From: FOM Institute for Plasma Physic

Manfred Ludwig Bitter

Research Field: Development of high-resolution X-ray crystal spectroscopy for hot tokamak plasmas
  From: Princeton University, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Thomas J Dolan

Research Field: Research Field: Nuclear fusion research, Plasma diagnostics, Fusion reactor design studies 
  From: Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering Department, University of Illinois