Simmer in Fusion Energy Science
count: [2016-07-28]

More than 140 university students of National University Science Camp visited ASIPP on scorching July 15. These students are from different universities in Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Guangxi and Henan provinces.  

The talk on “Sun- Nuclear Fusion- A New Ideal Energy for Human Being” by Prof. WAN Yuanxi started the thermonuclear fusion day for the students. Prof. WAN demonstrated an amazing fusion world to the young campers, including its basic principles, superiorities and research progress.   

After the report, the campers visited EAST and ITER construction area; they were deeply impressed by the beauty of science, especially fusion science.  

The National University Science Camp is an activity organized for undergraduate university students all over China, with the aim to bring them to S&T real world and nurture their innovation spirit. (Reported by ZHANG Luxi) 

Prof. WAN Yuanxi Made A Report