Youth Culture Month: A Celebration of Science & Culture
count: [2016-07-27]

Youth Culture Month, which falls in May, is always a big thing for ASIPP young researchers and students.  

It is an exploration of the impact and contribution that young adults make in science and the links and commonality between past present and future generations. 

Now in its eighth year, ASIPP youth celebrated this event with various activities, such as “Face to Face with the Nobel Prize Laureates”, “Reviewing the Oath of Joining the Youth League”, “Tennis Match”, “Football Match” and “Science Open Day”. 

On July 15th, 2016, a closing ceremony was held to conclude this 8th Youth Culture Month, during which sports prizes and scholarship were awarded, with Prof Jiangang Li’s lecture as the grand finale.   

All is well that ends well. The young in ASIPP look forward to the next year’s event. (Reported by ZHANG Luxi) 

Face to Face with the Nobel Prize Laureates 


Reviewing the Oath of Joining the Youth League 


Tennis Match 


Football Match 


Science Open Day 


Award Ceremony 


Cultural Lecture by Prof Jiangang LI