Shahab: China -- My Second Hometown
count: [2016-07-15]

June 2, 2016 witnessed the special moment for both master and doctoral graduates in ASIPP. They finally graduated and began to open a new chapter in life. Among them, a Pakistani graduate attracted attention. Shahab Ud-Din Khan received his Ph.D. degree after his 3-year study in ASIPP. 

Shahab has an excellent academic background. He obtained his Master degree from Chongqing University and then was selected for CAS-TWAS President fellowship program in 2013 to pursue his doctoral study in ASIPP. His interactions with other members of ASIPP provided sufficient information to gauge and assess the intellectual capability and technical as well as research skills that he has developed during his tenure.  

His research mainly focuses on the oretical-computational modeling and its application to solve halo current and 3D plasma orientation in Tokamak Plasma, and he has published many research articles in reputed journals with high impact factor. As an innovative thinker with bright blend of aptitude and excellent research capabilities, he got five excellent grades in his Ph.D studies. 

During his stay in china, he visited many cities and explored the customs and Chinese civilization in a deeper way. His understanding is that “China is a superb place to live and I would like to stay in China even longer”. He mentioned the cooperation and very friendly behavior received from Chinese peoples in all circumstances. He said that the Great Wall, Shanghai tower, Terra-Cotta Warriors, Fairy mountain and Yellow Mountain are the most memorable places he has visited in China. 

“China is more like the second hometown of me, and ASIPP is the warm family that I will never forget,” said Shahab at the graduation ceremony.

 (Ping YANG reports)