Professor William Heidbrink from the University of California visits ASIPP
count: [2016-07-12]

Professor William Heidbrink visited ASIPP on June 21 and gave two reports entitled "A Tutorial on Energetic Ion Transport in Tokamaks" and "A critical gradient for fast-ion transport by many small amplitude Alfven egienmodes". 

The first report is about the fast ion transport in tokamaks. It focused on high-energy particle transport track, including fast ion orbit, the spatial phase and amplitude. The combination of experiment and theoretical simulation fully demonstrated the behavior of high-energy particle transport.  

The second report focuses on the latest research progress of fast ion transport. Professor Heidbrink introduced the analysis method on DIII-D which combines experiment and theory, and detailed the fast ions Dα measurement (FIDA), the neutral particle analyzer (NPA), the fast ion loss measurements (FILD) principles and diagnostic test equipment. During and after the reports, Professor Heidbrink interacted with ASIPP teachers and students about the theoretical simulation and experimental results. 

Professor Heidbrink has rich working experience on the TFTR tokamak (Princeton) and the DIII-D tokamak (General Atomics), and he joined Physics Department, University of California Irvine in 1988. He received the Award of Excellence in Plasma Physics Research from the American Physical Society in 2004. (Zhao JIN reports)