PhD student Shitong YANG won the 2rd Prize of the ORGANO Water Prize
count: [2013-07-26]

    PhD student Shitong YANG from the environment and radiation chemistry research group, ASIPP, won the 2rd Prize of ORGANO Water Prize, making him the fourth one in his group to win this award. 

  However, this was not the first time for this young man to win recognition. The BHPB Scholarship, the Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, the Dean Special Scholarship, the Director Special Scholarship, etc. are all in his bag. 

    The ORGANO Water Prize was held seven sessions successfully since 2007, which aims to reward outstanding graduate students who engage in the technology and application research of “ water quality and water environment”.(WANG Ying reports) 


  Shitong YANG with Prof. Jiuhui QU, member of the review committee and 

also the member of Chinese Academy of Engineering 


  Group Photo of review committee members and participants 


  the certificate