See you next May!
count: [2013-07-16]


The 5th “Youth Culture Month” of ASIPP was closed successfully on June 26, 2013, which lasted for one month from May. Started since 2009, “Youth Culture Month” has been a time for the young to show their talents, learn from others and improve their senses of social responsibility.

This year’s activity included many “components”, such as “reviewing the oath of joining the Youth League”; “Volunteer cleaning activity”; “Let’s date!”;“Sunshine Charity Event”; the “ Youth Cup” football match; “Enterprise Tour”; “Science Open Day” and “Cultural lecture”.

All the activities were welcomed by  the young in our institute. They do hope the activities would never end. And as they wish, the activity will be held next year on schedule. (WU Sha reports)

the 5th Culture Month

“reviewing the oath of joining the Youth League”

“Volunteer cleaning activity”

"Let's date!"

“Sunshine Charity Event”

the “ Youth Cup” football match


“Enterprise Tour”

“Science Open Day”

“Cultural Lecture”