First Two Correction Coils Lowered into Tokamak pit, which were made by ASIPP, HFIPS

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      International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today, had its the first correction coil BCC/4 lowered into place on Oct.21.

More than 40 scientists and engineers from ASIPP witnessed this remarkable moment on site. The coil, which is for correcting "magnetic field errors", was shipped to iter last Sept. It's made by ASIPP, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science.

ASIPP engineers, who are responsible for the installation on site have been working on it for months. According to ITER, In the crowded environment of the lower Tokamak pit, the bottom correction coils and their supports have only a small sliver of space between poloidal field coil #6, poloidal field coil #5, lower magnet feeders, and staging platforms.

Therefore, scientists and engineers measured the hoisting position repeatedly and carefully via various methods, such as laser tracker, to ensure that the hoisting position accuracy can meet the landing requirements of ±5mm.

"The successful installation of the BCC4 coil gave people more confidence," WU Weiyue, an engineer from ASIPP. The second ASIPP-made correction coil, BCC/5, was positioned in the pit on 26 October, followed in the coming months by two other bottom correction coil pairs. (ZHAO Weiwei reports)

A 4-tonne bottom correction coil is inserted into the Tokamak pit on 21 October 2021. Five others will complete the set at the bottom of the machine. (Image from ITER Website)