Rebirth of HT-6M: TT-1 in Thai

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A detailed contract was signed between Institute of Plasma Physics (or ASIPP) and Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (or TINT) on June. 9, under which ASIPP will assist Thai with the installation, operation of the HT-6M tokamak, marking a major millstone on tokamak cooperation between the two sides.

According to the contract, the four systems, including a power system, vacuum system, data acquisition system, and diagnose system, will be installed on site to HT-6M in Hefei. The whole facility is expected to complete by the end of 2023. It will be shipped to Thailand after a trial discharge experiment.

The doughnut-shaped HT-6M tokamak, now renamed as Thailand’s tokamak TT-1, is the first tokamak in Thailand. TINT started the cooperation discussion and signed the cooperation agreement in 2017, under which ASIPP will donate HT-6M to TINT and assist in installation, commissioning, operation, cryogenic technology, power supply, talent cultivation and other relevant aspects.

This project will promote the Thai fusion and plasma research, training Thai scientists and engineers in the design and operation of a tokamak and providing the opportunity of initiating fusion and plasma researches in Thailand.