ASIPP New Leaders Are Officially Appointed
count: [2020-05-11]

ASIPP is pleased to announce that Yuntao Song will lead the institute for a five-year term as from 7 May 2020. Song has also served as Vice President of Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, CAS (HFIPS) from February this year.


The appointment was officially made at a formal meeting attended by more than 200 staff members on Thursday morning. The new directorate of Song and his six deputies, represents another evolutionary change in its forty-two year ASIPP history, and they will face many challenges at a critical juncture of China fusion cause. Yuanxi Wan and Jiangang Li who are appointed as senior advisors, Baonian Wan as chief scientist, will fully support the new leadership.


Song, on behalf of his team, thanked at the meeting all the former directors for their “great leadership and efforts”. Having worked at ASIPP for two decades, and witnessed its tremendous development, Song said that “It is our responsibility to take the baton and work hard. ASIPP will focus efforts on EAST physics experiment, ITER project, Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology (CRAFT), and China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR) design.” At the same time, Song reaffirmed an “unwavering commitment” to strengthen the international cooperation via more and better quality opening, sharing and exchanges.


The new leaders’ academic background covers a wide field of plasma physics, experiment research, facility construction, fusion reactor design, fusion engineering technology, S&T industrialization, etc. They are the 10th leadership team of ASIPP since its establishment in 1978. (Yingkun XI reports)

From left to right: Guosheng Xu; Junling Chen; Xinchao Wu; Yuntao Song; Fukun Liu; Jiansheng Hu; Kun Lu