We are One Fusion Family
count: [2020-03-25]

“We are very much appreciated to receive 60,000 surgery masks from ASIPP. The delivery is just on time when France is suffering COVID-19 rapid spread and the ITER Project may be in a challenge due to the lack of masks. These precious masks are so important and very helpful for the ITER Organization to protect our staff and contractors and minimize the impact on the ITER Project.” said ITER director General BIGOT Bernard in his letter for thanks to ASIPP on 23rd March.


As COVID-19 spread rapidly among European countries recently, France, where ITER is located, has become one of the severely influenced countries, with more than 20,000 confirmed cases. In China, due to the recent measures since late January, epidemic situation is gradually under control, which helps ease the shortage of protective supplies. Under such circumstances, ASIPP decided to purchase and donate a batch surgical masks, which was shipped out to ITER on 12th March.


On 20th March, 19 packing cases arrived at ITER site, each one having a poster stuck on it ‘We are one fusion family’.


“In January when China was suffering lack of health protection stuff, ITER staff also donated masks to ASIPP.” BIGOT said in his letter “I am very proud of it. It is exactly as you mentioned. We are one Fusion Family.”


At the end of the letter, BIGOT expressed the confidence in future continuing collaboration between ITER Project and ASIPP, looking forward to long-term mutual benefit.


Since worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, ASIPP has donated about 100,000 surgical masks to its international partners, including ITER Organization, National Agency for Atomic Energy (ENEA) in Italy and French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).  (XI Yingkun reports)

ITER Received Protective Stuff Donated by ASIPP