‘Science Serves the People’, China HT-6M Tokamak Serves Thailand

ASIPP Hands-over HT-6M tokamak to Thailand under Princess Sirindhorn’s Witness

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ASIPP Hands-over HT-6M tokamak to Thailand under Princess Sirindhorn’s Witness 

34-year-old tokamak HT-6M, the 2nd generation of fusion research devices developed in the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) has stayed silent in warehouse since it retired in 2002. 

Now HT-6M is brought back to a new life with its bright red-blue-yellow magnets and shining stainless vacuum vessel after half a year’s effort of ASIPP’s young engineers. On July 15th afternoon, standing there, against the dackdrop of blue sky and green trees, it awaited its new owner. 

Years ago, this tokamak prepared ASIPP with a highly professional team in engineering design and physics experiment, which lays a good foundation for the later construction of HT-7 and EAST. Today, it is donated to Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (TINT), and will start a new mission in Thailand fusion research plan.  

At 14:00, the red carpet rolled out. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of the Kingdom of Thailand arrived, so did HT-6M’s new owner.  

During the Hand-over Ceremony of HT-6M tokamak to TINT, Princess Sirindhorn and Guangli KUANG, director of Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences Chinese Academy of Sciences cut the ribbon in front of HT-6M, and with their witness, Baonian WAN, director of ASIPP handed over the symbolic key to Boonsom Lerthirunwong, Chairman of the Board of Director of TINT.  

‘Plasma technology and nuclear fusion is one of the key technologies in the cooperation between China and Thailand.’ said Soranit Siltham, Permanent Secretary of Thailand Ministry of Science and Technology, ‘The donation of HT-6M to be relocated in Thailand will be an important milestone for the development the national laboratory on plasma and nuclear fusion in Thailand.’ 

‘Start small, dream Big, and go big”, said Yuntao SONG, deputy director of ASIPP, to Thai colleagues, and wish them great achievement on HT-6M tokamak.  

After the ceremony, Princess Sirindhorn visited EAST tokamak and ITER manufacture workshops, and listened to the reports on fusion research plan in TINT and proton theraphy development at ASIPP.  

EAST experiment was going on. Princess Sirindhorn entered the control room and fired one shot on EAST (Shot Number: 79188). After that, her Highness wrote with Chinese brush and ink “Science and Technology Serves the People” in inscription.  

In January, 2017, ASIPP and TINT started the cooperation discussion and signed a MOU on personnel exchange, associated laboratory and cooperation in constructing fusion facility. Then in August, 2017, the two sides signed the cooperation agreement, under which ASIPP will donate HT-6M to TINT and assist in installation, commissioning, operation, cryogenic technology, power supply, talent cultivation and other relevant aspects. (Yingkun XI reports) 


HT-6M tokamak 


Yuntao SONG, Deputy Director of ASIPP Hosting the Ceremony 


Welcome Speech by Guangli KUANG, Director of CASHIPS 


Soranit Siltham, Permanent Secretary of Thailand Ministry of Science and Technology 


Hand-over Ceremony 


Visiting EAST tokamak 


One Shot on EAST 


Inscription ‘Sciences Serves the People’