China’s 2nd ITER Procument Package Delivered
count: [2016-07-11]

The last conductor of ITER CC & Feeder was successfully delivered on 24th May, which means China has completed the final delivery of the second ITER procument package. The final delivery was witnessed by ASIPP director Prof Baonian Wan, PI Wu Yu and other engineers.

CC conductor is used for Correction Coil manufacture, compensating field errors arising from misalignment of the coils and winding deviations from the nominal shape as a result of fabrication tolerances, joints, leads, bus bars and assembly tolerances.

Feeder conductor is used for ITER Feeder system manufacture, connecting the ITER magnet systems located inside the main cryostat to the cryogenics, power-supply and control system interfaces outside the cryostat. The main purpose of the feeders is to convey the cryogenic supply, electrical power and the instrumentation wiring to the coils.

There are 30 unit lengths (ULs) of CC,CB,MB conductors for ITER CC & Feeder conductor procument package, including 2 CC qualification conductors, 2 CB qualification conductors, 2 MB qualification conductors, 18 CC superconducting ULs, 4 MB superconducting ULs, and 2 CB superconducting ULs, which is 15.5 km in total.

CC & Feeder conductors are 100% made in China and 100% qualified. The production and delivery meet the ITER schedule requirements. (Lina ZHU reports)


MB Conductor Cross Section

CB Conductor Cross Section

CC Conductor Cross Section