Minister of Science and Technology Visits ASIPP
count: [2014-09-18]

Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Cao Jianlin visited ASIPP on 28th July, a second time in three years since he attended the delivery ceremony of the first made-in-China ITER product in 2011.    

As head of ITER DA, Cao is always concerned with the fusion research and ITER procurement package progress at ASIPP. Accompanied by Director Li Jiangang and Academician Wan Yuanxi, Minister Cao and other MOST and ITER DA officials visited RF Heating Lab, EAST, ITER superconducting conductor workshop, ITER reactive power compensation test platform, ITER internal coil lab, and ITER compensation field coil R&D workshop.  

In cryogenic and remote handling lab, Cao talked with Dr. Eric VILLEDIEU from CEA about the bilateral cooperation.  

During his visit, Cao listened to the report on CFETR (China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor) R&D progress.(XI Yingkun reports)

In RF Heating Lab

Visiting the World’s Largest DC Test Platform

Talking with Prof. Villedieu Eric from CEA