Academic Feast on EAST Engineering and Physics
count: [2014-07-15]

54 talks in 40 days. This is the intensive, crash academic feast that ASIPP served to some 6500 audiences of its staff and graduate students from mid-May to end of June; the chefs includes institute directors, division heads as well as team leaders.   

All of the 54 talks, 42 are about EAST and its all subsystems, giving an overview update to the staff and students on EAST upgrades and its present capabilities. In the past two years, nearly every sub-system except superconducting magnets has been upgraded or modified to enable higher performance and truly steady state operation.  

On EAST physics, 12 talks covers 2014 experiment plan, steady-state operation mode prediction, DSOL, RMP and MHD equilibrium PWI, inductive scenario, plasma tearing prediction and mitigation, etc. These present a clear picture to all scientists on what are expected to achieve in the experiment campaign, and enable them to better prepare for it. 

All people are ready. Now time to fine tune EAST and score a “Goal”! (Shaohua reports)