Lu Yongxiang inspected ASIPP
count: [2013-01-17]

"It is beyond expectation." Lu Yongxiang, vice-chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress made the remarks during his inspection tour to ASIPP on January 12, when learning EAST experiment achievements, engineering and technical breakthroughs for the past five years.

During his visit, Lu Yongxiang firstly listened to the introduction made by Prof. Li Jiangang, director of ASIPP to the major progress recently achieved in High Magnet Field Laboratory, Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, and other research units. He was then briefed on the current status of EAST program including the research achievements, international cooperation, talents training, and the future development plan.

Lu, former CAS president, was very delighted at EAST achievements, saying that EAST spirit is most impressive, and he expressed his confidence in the institute and "realization of EAST scientific goals by 2015." 

Lu laid emphasis on the sustainable development of energy and urged the institute to take into consideration the transformation from scientific experiments to actual utilization while picturing a clear blueprint for the future development.

After the meeting, Lu visited the labs to inspect projects including EAST auxiliary heating system and ITER conductor and power supply.

Lu spoke highly of the achievements and called on the scientists of ASIPP to carry forward the spirit of being hard-working and innovative and make brave attempts to put forward our own ideas. (Peng Yujie reports)