Celebrating Launch of ITER CC Production Line
count: [2012-05-07]

On April 28th, 2012, an impressive ceremony was held to celebrate the startup of ITER correction field coil (CC) production line startup in the ASIPP 2300m2 -large CC production plant. Leaders from ITER Domestic Agency, Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASHIP), experts and representatives of sub-suppliers gathered and witnessed the milestone moment. This marks the official launch of ITER CC production task.

   After the welcome speech of Prof Wang Yingjian, CASHIP director, Mr Luo Delong, vice director of ITER DA, made a speech, saying that ITER CC as one of the key components of ITER device, is very important to the whole project, it should be constructed “with high quality and by strict standards”. Mr Luo stressed that CC is one of the tasks related to the national reputation, and hoped that all parties should work together closely to ensure the successful implementation of the project, complete the task on schedule and with quality. Other leaders presented at the ceremony voiced their congratulations on the launch of the CC production line, and wish the task successful. At the end of ceremony, ASIPP director Prof. Li Jiangang stated that ASIPP research team is “always-ready-to-fight, and trust-worthy”, we would meet the challenge and complete the task. After ceremony, leaders and experts visited ITER CC production plant, and inspected the operation of the intelligent welding robot.


   ITER CF superconducting magnet system is one of the important components which mainly used to compensate the magnetic field errors caused by assembly and stranding of TF and PF system. In order to fulfill the need of high quality running, these errors among the device construction must be eliminated or minimized. ITER CC is stranded by cables in conduit conductor (CICC), its design and manufacturing process involves mechanical, electromagnetic, vacuum, cryogenic, electrochemical, computer and electrical control, welding, nondestructive testing and other fields. The manufacturing process includes coil stranding, cable wrapping insulation and vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) etc.

The new ITER CC production plant is well equipped, composed of the CC production line, vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) equipment and casket welding device. (Jiang Kunning Reports)

Mr. Luo Delong gives speech

Prof. Wang Yingjian gives speech

Prof. Li Jiangang gives speech

Visit ITER CC production plant

Inspect the operation of the intelligent welding robot