1st ITER CC conductor was completed in ASIPP
count: [2012-04-23]

ASIPP has manufactured the ITER Correction Coil (CC) conductor and completed 925m-long CC dummy conductor cable insertion on April 1 under the witness of ITER DA deputy director Luo Delong and other section leaders. On the following day, the first dummy CC conductor production successfully completed under the witness of Mark Gardener, the Quality Management Officer of ITER Organization.

Prof. Wu Yu, the head of Superconductor Center (SCC), ASIPP expressed his thanks and welcome to Luo Delong and his colleagues. Wu Yu said, with the help and support of ITER DA and the great efforts of the whole staff in SCC, ASIPP, 4 control points, i.e. Jacket Authorization-to-Proceed Point (ATPP), Cable ATPP, Cable Notification Point (NP), Welding ATPP, were cleared during the CC conductor manufacturing process. Now the last control point—cable insertion NP was successfully cleared. All the CC Procurement Arrangement (PA) required documents were all approved too. The CC dummy conductor can be handovered in this month. Luo Delong congratulated the whole staff. Wang Min, deputy of Project& Engineering department of ITER DA introduced the progress and document status; Li Hongwei, the Responsible Officer of the Correction Coil (CC) Procurement Arrangement presented the jacketing line status and the situation of related facilities.

CC conductor PA is the third one which ASIPP is responsible for besides TF PA and PF PA. On September 8th, 2011, ASIPP produced the 1st Toroidal Field (TF) dummy conductor and finished the 1st Poloidal Field (PF) dummy conductor 2 months later. (Zan Yun Reports)  |


Mark Gardener, the Quality Management Officer of ITER Organization

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