Governor of Anhui Province Inspected ASIPP
count: [2012-04-23]

On April 5th, Ms. Li Bin, new Governor of Anhui Province visited ASIPP accompanied by Municipal Party Secretary Mr. Wu Cunrong. ASIPP director Prof. Li Jiangang and Prof. Kuang Guangli, Secretary of Party Committee of Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (CASHIP) gave her a warm welcome.

Madam Li first listened to Prof. Kuang’s general introduction about CASHIP and its sub-institutes. Prof Li briefed on EAST experiments and latest achievement and Madam Li chimed in with questions about EAST operation principles, materials of EAST fusion reaction and so on. Madam Li was pleased to learn that EAST tokamak is the world’s first non-circle cross-section full superconducting tokamak constructed by China itself.

Later Madam Li visited EAST experiment hall, and pushed the start button for EAST plasma discharge. Before leaving, she encouraged ASIPP scientists to further strengthen the high-tech R&D and the commercialization of scientific research achievements.(Wang Yuan Reports)

Madam Li (middle)

Prof. Kuang Guangli gives report

Visit EAST model

In EAST Control Room

Prof. Li Giangang reports