1.1 MW Ion Beam Extracted on EAST-NBI Ion Source
count: [2012-02-03]

The hydrogen ion beam with 1.1 MW beam power was extracted on the EAST neutral beam injector (EAST-NBI) ion source during its staged test in Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP), a milestone in the development of high current ion source.

   Duing the test, 22A beam current with 50keV beam energy and 106ms pulse length was achieved; the ion beam power reaches 1.1 MW. Test results demonstrates that the EAST-NBI project has achieved on schedule its milestone objective – development of the first mega-watt high current ion source and high power NBI experimental equipment.

   This success lays a sound foundation for the next stage test of long-pulse high-energy ion beam commissioning as well as gives powerful support for the development of 2~4 MW NBI system of EAST auxiliary heating project. (Xie Yahong Reports)



The distribution of ion beam power density on calorimeter