CAS President Bai Chunli Inspected ASIPP
count: [2011-09-30]

CAS President Bai Chunli visited ASIPP to inspect the superconducting cable production line in the afternoon of September 27. He was accompanied by director of Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Wang Yingjian, HFCAS Party committee secretary Kuang Guangli, CAS vice-president Zhan Wenlong. ASIPP Party committee secretary, Zhang Xiaodong, vice-directors Wan Baonian and Fu Peng and other leaders gave them a warmly welcome.

   Bai firstly listened to Zhang Xiaodong’s introduction about ASIPP researches relating to EAST and the progress of ITER program. Bai is happy to learn that in recent years, ASIPP have embraced challenges as well as opportunities to further accelerate fusion R&D and to master the nuclear fusion engineering technologies and related standards. Zhang Xiaodong also briefed President Bai of ASIPP long-term development plan, the institute campus is blueprinted into three function areas, i.e., one for EAST experiment, one for ITER procurement package (PC) manufacturing, one for other R&D.

Prof Fu Peng reported the construction progress on ITER power supply building, and Dr. Song Yuntao and Dr. Wu Yu introduced the ITER feeder, high temperature current leads, correction coils and TF and PF conductors respectively. Bai listened attentively and paged through the ASIPP ITER PC Report of the Eleventh Five-Year Period. In the 4000m2 manufacture workshop, he inspected the ITER superconducting formal component, compaction machine, cabling and the world’s first 1000m-long jacketing line. (Wang Yuan Reports)

From left: Prof. Song Yuntao, CAS president Bai Chunli, Prof. Kuang Guangli, CAS vice-president Zhan Wenlong

Listenting to report