Chinese Vice President:"You are undertaking a great cause."
count: [2011-04-18]

On April 9 afternoon, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visited Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) to inspect EAST Superconducting Tokamak. He was accompanied by Shen Yueyue, Undersecretary of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, Li Liguo, Minister of Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, Zhang Baoshun, Secretary of Anhui Provincial CPC Committee, Wang Sanyun, Governor of Anhui Province.

   At EAST meeting room, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping was welcomed by Prof Jiangang LI, ASIPP Director and Academician Prof Yuanxi Wan, who briefed on fusion research, EAST project and ITER program respectively. Hearing the reports, Xi Jinping applauded ASIPP’s EAST experiment achievements and contribution to ITER.

   Vice President Xi Jinping then went to the EAST Control Room and Experiment Hall, met with the institute scientists and engineers and took pictures with them. Before concluding his visit, Xi Jinping encouraged ASIPP researchers to “realize EAST scientific goals as soon possible” and transform research into actual productivity after ITER project coming through. Fusion “is a grand conception”, said Xi Jinping, “Human can not do without energy for its existence and development, and energy utilization won’t be sustainable without science and technology. Fusion research will pave a bright way for humankind in energy alternatives”. He continued that China is now playing an important role in world fusion research field, commended ASIPP’s commitment to this great undertaking, and wished ASIPP greater success in its missions. (Dong Shaohua Reports)