US Senator Ted Stevens Visited ASIPP
count: [2010-06-12]

The former President pro tempore of the US Senate Ted Stevens visited ASIPP this Wednesday 9 June. He was accompanied by former Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Sheng Huaren and Chairman of Anhui Provincial People's Congress Yuezhong Huang.

   Senator Stevens was welcomed at the meeting room of EAST building by Director Prof Jiangang Li, who later gave a presentation of EAST construction, experiments and future plan. At the presentation, Prof Li highlighted the bilateral cooperation on plasma and fusion between two countries, especially between ASIPP and GA, PPPL and FRC, and two national Science and Technology Cooperation Awards won by Prof Kenneth Gentle, FRC and Dr Vincent Chan, GA.

   It took him four years to come to ASIPP, said Senator Ted after Prof Li’s introduction, “I’m glad to have the chance being here”. Being an advisor of GA, Senator Stevens believes fusion “is the future, there is no question about it”, and the world “will be a safe place and a decent place to live” if it can be realized. He congratulated Prof Li on “bringing these together on all worldwide basis”, and would strongly support the cooperation between US and China.Sheng Huaren added that this is his fourth visit to ASIPP, and every time he visited the institute, he could see the progress it has made, “especially in recent years”, and hoped that Senator Stevens would continue to support this cooperation so that China and USA can play a bigger role in ITER, and contribute to solving the energy problem of the whole humankind. Sheng also extended his invitation to the Senator to visit ASIPP again once the institute makes new achievement. (Dong Shaohua  Reports)