ITER Superconductor Center
count: [2012-04-16]

The ITER Superconductor Center  replies on the support of National Innovation Project. During the designment and development process for superconducting Tokamak experimental facility, the superconducting technology is studied in depth. The low temperature system and low temperature superconducting magnet experimental platform is established which is the biggest in China. We grasp the low temperature superconducting technology and reserve a large number of talents for superconducting magnets, electrical and low temperature fields. The basic conditions of developing Large-scale application researches of superconducting technology are fulfilled.

The main research derection:
  1) Superconducting magnet technology;
  2) Large-scale cryogenic technology;
  3) Superconducting energy storage technology;
  4) High-temperature superconducting application technology.

The Cater has 2*500W/4.5K Helium cryogenic system and superconducting magnet experimental device (height is 6.14m, diameter is 3.5m and in detail, they are two pairs of lead wires, 30 KA/23kv and 16KA, respectively),the low-temperature, vacuum, technology diagnostics, and power system, which can provide the experimental platform for a variety of large-scale low-temperature superconducting magnet devices.