Power Supply and Control Division
count: [2012-04-16]

The Power Supply and Control Division (PSD) is a professional division mainly engaged in the research and development of magnet power supply, the auxiliary heating power supply on tokamak fusion device and responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of power supply during the annual tokamak experiments.

In recent years, PSD especially concentrate on Pulsed High-power technology (PHPT), superconducting magnetic energy storage technology (SMEST), second converter technology and high-power DC excitation control technologies

PSD have finished many project on magnet power supply and the auxiliary heating power supply in EAST、HT-7、HT-6B and HT-6M Tokamak device in the last 30 years.For example, EAST PF power supply system is composed of 12 sets of power rectifier which provide Maximum output power of 210MW, output current from -15KA to +15KA, Maximum output DC voltage of 3.1KV; EAST TF power supply and quench protection system provide Maximum output current of 16KA and output voltage of 21V; 15Mvar 10KV reactive power compensation(RPC) and harmonic suppression devices.

PSD own 4 sets of DC pulse generators whose capability attain 50KA/500V/80MW and a freewheeling pulse generator whose capability attain 100MW/ 2.2kV/17.5KA.

PSD has a professional younger research team including technical engineers and supporter major in high-power converter technology, electrical & electronic technology, High-voltage and insulation technology ,Automatic computer Control, electromagnetic compatibility and grounding technology,

Up to now, PSD has gain 46 national prizes in science and 22 national technical patents.

Meanwhile, PSD also keep closed cooperation with various international research institutes and organization, Such as ITER ,Sino-Japan Core-University Program(CUP) since 2001, US-PRC workshop on magnetic confinement devices since 2002, Max Planck Society cooperation since 1992, General Atomic Energy Corporation fusion WG cooperation since 2002 and so on.