TEA PICKING-WE ARE ONE Culture Exploring

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“When a guest comes to my home from afar on a cold night,

  I light bamboo to boil tea to offer him.”— Ancient Chinese poem.


From ancient times, China has produced a significant amount of tea. Whether in ancient courts or contemporary society, Chinese tea culture has ingrained itself into people's lives. It reaches into Chinese literature, manners, religion, and medicine. Chinese tea, like Chinese silk and porcelain, has come to represent high culture all across the world. The act of bringing a guest a cup of tea, which has been a key social norm for Chinese people for centuries, is at the center of the culture of tea, which encompasses the study and practice of tea in all of its forms.

In South China, picking tea leaves is a significant springtime pastime. This extraordinary encounter took place on April 7 at "TEA PICKING," one of ASIPP's International specialists' cultural exploration events. Foreign scholars praised the lyrical meaning of phrases like "excellent tea knows the season when spring is happening" and "tea mountain has woken up."

When we were moving through a tea garden, the entire multinational team engaged in an exciting activity. We donned our uniforms and ascended the mountain early in the morning. It was not too high and was covered by thousands of tea trees. How lovely it was! We were eager to get to work! We learned how to choose and pick them. Yet we all agreed that it was quite challenging. We carefully selected the tea leaves, fortunately, we became better and better at it. Even though we only picked just little quantity, we still found selecting tea to be laborious.

It was a great experience fun of picking tea leaves during spring outings with chatting and laughter echoing in the mountains.




Photo by WANG Huiqin

Text by Victoria Saklakova