Women in Fusion

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Fusion is the fundamental source of energy in our universe.

It is the process that powers the stars and sustains life.


March 10, 2023, ASIPP took part in the "Women in Fusion (WIF)" Webinar. It has been designed specifically for Asian countries – and we will have representatives from the key Chinese (ASIPP, Southwestern Institute of Physics), Japanese (NIFS), and Korean (KFE) fusion enterprises and institutions. During online meetings members of the “Women in Fusion” Steering Committee presented the latest updates and introduced participants to the nearest plans of the “Women in Fusion” network. The webinar was followed by a Q&A session.


ASIPP delegate is professor Xiaojie Wang presented the ASIPP women's team, and the excellent role of women in fusion in the great report “An Introduction of Gender Equality and Culture Diversity in ASIPP”.


ASIPP is thankful to be involved in the WIF community, and build an inclusive and supportive environment for women building their careers in fusion!

                                                                                                                        By Viktoriia Saklakova