Happy Mid-autumn Festival

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On Sept.6, 4 days ahead of Mid-autumn festival 2022, a special culture event was held on science island.

In a room decorated with different styles of Chinese calligraphy, more than 30 international HFIPSers, wearing the Chinese traditional dress-Hanfu, had a special experience of Chinese culture.

At this event, people got a chance to know the origin of Mid-autumn festival, and learned how to write with brush on the rice paper.

"The calligraphy reminded me of the scene in “KUNFU Panda," said Chantika, a TT 1 researcher from Thailand.

"These dresses are beautiful!" people exclaimed in the "HAN FU" room. With different dresses from Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, etc. they were like on a special trip through time and space.

This event was part of the "We are one" brand activities held by the international collaboration division of HFIPS.

To celebrate the mid-autumn festival, international students and researchers were invited to bring their families together to celebrate the harvest under a full moon. The festival is all about giving thanks, for nature’s abundance and for joyful reunions with loved ones.

"I would like to say thanks to all of you, you all people did great great efforts to make this event supper excited. I feel really glad to became a part of this event. Thanks to all team who organized such an amazing get together.” Ambreen, a doctoral student from Pakistan, wrote in a letter. 

Reported By ZHAO Weiwei