Key Prototype Ready for Space Environment Simulation Research Infrastructure
count: [2020-12-04]
Thanks for the efforts by scientists and engineers in Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP),  a research system, which was called prototype of vacuum subsystem of space plasma environment simulation, was completed.

After conducting several rounds of design verification and overcoming a series of technical difficulties in the development process, the system was finally ready after the process review and mid-term inspection.

This system is an essential part of Space Environment Simulation Research Infrastructure (SESRI) built by Harbin Institute of technology, whose primary task is to develop a vacuum tank for a near space plasma environment simulation system. As for this project which was started in August.2019, a microwave anechoic chamber and antenna arrays with attitude control function would be installed in the vacuum tank for plasma experimental research.

SESRI is jointly constructed by Harbin Institute of technology and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, which is a major scientific engineering project of National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure in the field of aerospace. The project which focuses on major and basic scientific and technological issues in the aerospace field will build an international-leading platform for space comprehensive environment simulation. (Reported by FANG Wenhui)

Scientists and engineers are excited about the completion of prototype of vacuum subsystem of space plasma environment simulation