Travel to the Manmade Sun, China-Russia Online Scene Course to Plant Science Seed into Kids' Heart
count: [2020-11-27]
I am so glad to have a virtual tour to EAST TOKAMAK facility that is super cool.” said excitedly a Russian pupil after he had a virtual tour to the EAST fusion facility.

Travel to the Manmade Sun, a China-Russia online scene course opened up on November 20th, 2020, as a section within China-Russia Sci-tech Years which started this August and would last for two years.
The special kid-inspiration online course was scheduled to hold on the World Children’s Day as a well-designed and prepared gift to inspire Chinese and Russian kid by exposing them to a real scientific scene at their early age.
The course was produced under the guidance of International Collaboration Division within the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and involved ASIPP and its Russian Partner the KURCHATOV Institute to take part in via remote connection. With more than forty medias’ participation and the network technique, the online course could reach thousands of kids across China and Russia.
Centered on China and Russia scientific innovation, the course was composed of a virtual tour and Q & A part in which the kids could know how the fusion reaction take place, what are the conditions and the scientific collaboration between China and Russia in fusion research.
While the COVID-19 is spreading across the world, bring huge challenge to humans than ever before. Love for kids and science for all humans could always bring us together.
Since its opening, activities under China-Russia Sci-tech Years are still on overcoming many difficulties caused by the epidemic, so is the collaboration of ASIPP with its Russian partners.
On the Years’ opening day, a NICA -Focused Collaborative Agreement was signed that involves ASIPP’ joint work with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. As scheduled, there are more activities between ASIPP and its Russian partners will get the  wheels in motion in the following year. (Reported by ZHOU Shu)
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                            Three Chinese and Russian scientists led the course about the Manmade Sun