ASIPP win the 2020 Asia Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award in Plasma Physics
count: [2020-11-09]

The 4th Asia Pacific Plasma Physics Conference (4th AAPPS-DPP) was held from October 26 to 31 online with over 900 scholars around the world attended. The winner of this year's "Asia Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award in Plasma Physics" (U40 Award) is Prof. WANG Liang from ASIPP for his oustanding contributions to power and particle exhaust in long pulse H-mode plasmas ITER-Like Tungsten Divertor, and he is the only winner in the field of magnetic confinement fusion. 

Prof. Wang Liang was invited to give a report of magnetic confinement fusion. He summarized the research progress of EAST long pulse divertor physics, plasma wall interaction control physics in the past 10 years, following challenges and countermeasures of high power steady-state operation.      

Asia Pacific Physics Conference on Plasma Physics focus on promoting academic exchanges and development of plasma physics in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award for Plasma Physics was established in 2016 to honor young scholars under 40 years old who have made outstanding contributions in various fields of Plasma Physics (including basic plasma, space/geomagnetic plasma, solar/astronomical plasma, applied plasma, magnetic confinement fusion, inertial confinement fusion, etc.)(BAO Yu reports)