China Fusion Engineering Experimental Reactor Integration & Design conference and Fusion Reactor Design Seminar is held
count: [2020-11-09]

From October 27 to 30, China Fusion Engineering Experimental Reactor Integration & Design Conference and Fusion Reactor Design seminar were held in Langfang. Langfang Municipal Government, CNDA, University of Science and Technology of China, ENN and CFETR group attended the meeting.

Nearly 500 experts and scholars from over 50 domestic institutes and universities, including ASIPP, Southwest Institute of Physics, China Institute of Engineering Physics, Peking University, Tsinghua University as well as ENN and Western Superconducting Materials Company attended the seminar.            

CFETR is an essential part in the roadmap of China's magnetic confinement fusion. The design of CFETR integrated engineering and fusion reactor have reached important achievements. Total 105 oral reports of 8 summary reports were represented in this annual meeting. (BAO Yu reports)

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