Greeting Meeting with UKRI China
count: [2020-10-30]

"I am impressed by wild range of the program areas here. You have almost everything we can think about.” Grace Lang, director of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) China, said after Song Yuntao, Director- General of ASIPP presented a general introduction about ASIPP and HFIPS. “I’m surprised how you balance well the fundamental science and frontier research work."

On Oct. 29, we were pleased to have all the UKRI staff member, altogether 7 people, visiting us. Glen Noble, deputy director of UKRI China, also gave a speech about UKRI China.

According to Grace, UKRI China could be characterized as “International partnership, diversification and flexibility”. Their fields range from agricultural science, energy, health to social science. She also introduced collaboration of UKRI China with universities and regional government, which proved the diversity of their strategy.

Both sides joined the warm discussion and expected more collaboration in the future.

UKRI is UK's largest public funding agency, with an annual budget of £8 billion. As one of UKRI’s four overseas offices, UKRI China contributes to the development of UK-China R&D funding strategy, facilitates the delivery of excellence joint programmes, documents and measures the impact of UK-China collaborations, and provides a voice for UK excellence in research and innovation in the world’s most dynamic R&D landscape. (Reported by ZHAO Weiwei)