CFETR overall intergration and engineering design project pass the experts review
count: [2020-07-28]

    Review meeting for China Fusion Engineering Testing Reactor(CFETR)overall integration and engineering design project was held in Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) on 9th and 10th, July. Over 130 leaders, experts and project officers from ASIPP, ITER-China, Southwestern Institute of Physics, China Academy of Engineering Physics, and University of Science of Technology of China attended the meeting. Near 20 domestic fusion experts were invited to present comprehensive reviews on the completeness and maturity of the design for  CFETR  main systems.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. SONG Yuntao, project leader and Director-General of ASIPP, gave a welcome speech by introducing the purposes of the meeting: to collect opinions and identify the existing issues that need to be improved in the overall integration and engineering design and to make plans for the following-up work. 26 reports were presented and discussed, and 30 TASKs’ designs were reviewed during the meeting. Review comments from experts were of great guiding significance for the next-stage work.

    The final part of the meeting was the summary. The experts generally supported the research results but also pointed out some remaining issues. The review promoted further communication and achieved the goals for each TASK in terms of system requirements, interface requirements, collaborative designs, and analysis validation, which create a solid foundation for the project conclusion at the end of 2020. Scrutiny on TASK’s should be followed in the near future through unifying and cross-checking the parameter requirements, improving reliabilities on analysis and eveluation, and defining the optimized parameters for each system from overall integration aspect.

    The meeting provided a technology communication flat to display research results for each TASK, which is crucial to the development of CFETR engineering design. (XING Yuanli reports)


   Prof. SONG Yuntao was giving speach

 Review experts

The review meeting