ASIPP won the first prize of Anhui Natural Science Award
count: [2020-07-22]

At the Anhui Science and Technology Awards Conference was held on June 29, 2020, Professor GAO Xiang and his team won the first prize for the achievement at the Double Transport BarriersDTBscenario on EAST.

The Double Transport BarriersDTBscenario was developed on the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) as the plasma normalized fusion gain was increased by 10 times compared with the H-mode. The double transport barriers phase was sustained for about 56 times of energy confinement time. Moreover, the DTB scenario has been contributing in the physical design of the CFETR (China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor, currently under engineering design). With the same machine size, the CFETR fusion power can be increased from 0.2GW to 1GW by using the DTB scenario. WAN Yuanxi, LI Guoqiang, ZHANG Tao, and YANG Yao are also the major contributors for this prize. (LI Gongshun and XING Yuanli report)