ASIPP Establishes Cooperation with Assystem Group
count: [2020-06-12]

ASIPP embraced a new overseas partner by starting its cooperation with Assystem Group, France as their agreement signing ceremony was held online in May.

Under their collaborative framework, the two sides are planning to expand their previous exchanges to deeper collaboration in nuclear safety regulation and licensing, remote handling, experiments commissioning, hot cells, test facilities and waste treatment to support construction of China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (or CFETR), Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology (or CARFT) as well as International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (or ITER).

“This is a fantastic opportunity to support the progress of China’s fusion development,” BLANC Bernard, Vice-President Nuclear Business Development of ASSYSTEM made his comment, “This cooperation further consolidates the company's mission as the global fusion partner of choice, for this strategic sector. We are looking forward to playing a key role in developing CFETR, CRAFT, ITER and other projects, bringing our expertise in digital engineering, fusion capability and project management to help drive forward the China’s vision to realize commercial fusion”. 

As SONG Yuntao, ASIPP Director, elaborated their collaborative plan,  the two sides will “collaborate on ITER, CRAFT, CFETR and other project” so that they could “make joint contribution to the fusion energy development for humankind.”

Assystem has been involved in developing fusion technology for decades making itself one of the first engineering companies to support ITER construction.  Today, as an Architect Engineer of ITER and a leading company in the Engage consortium, Assystem is uniquely experienced in both managing and coordinating the assembly and installation of more than one million components for the ITER reactor. Besides, the company is  in charge of delivering the Divertor Remote Handling System (DRHS) for ITER.

“This is a powerful win-win alliance between Assystem and ASIPP,” as commented by SONG Yuntao. In recent years, ASIPP has also built strategic cooperation with other French companies such as Air Liquide, Framatome and CNIM to support each other in many ways. These overseas partners as important roles in world fusion community will undoubtedly be strong supporters on the road to develop China’s CFETR and CRAFT projects. (XI Yingkun reports)

President BLANC and Director Song Meeting in Oct., 2019