WEST PFUs Manufactured in ASIPP Are Shipped to France
count: [2020-04-14]
On 9th April, 80 pieces of Plasma Facing Units (PFUs) manufactured in ASIPP was shipped to France, to be installed on WEST tokamak in French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

In December 2018, ASIPP won the bidding to manufacture 456 pieces of W-PFUs for WEST lower divertor and signed the contract with CEA.

Through close cooperation, ASIPP-CEA joint team has overcome technical difficulties to ensure the components mass production as well as to meet ITER-level quality standard.

The 80 pieces shipped this month are the first batch of the 456 components and the rest would be “delivered by the end of July,” according to Guangnan LUO, who lead the manufacturing team.

Tungsten (W) Divertor Project is one of the Specific Project Agreements (SPA) under the framework of Sino-French Fusion Energy Center (SIFFER), which aims at establishing cooperation activities among SIFFER members in the realization, installation and scientific and technical exploitation of Phase II WEST divertor. Except the joint preparation of WEST PFUs, plasma operation in WEST-Phase II is also an important task of this SPA, including plasma wall interaction,  PFU ageing under ITER relevant large incident particle fluence combined with steady state / transient heat loads, etc. (Reported by Yingkun XI, imaged by Wanjing WANG)


1st Batch of PFUs Delivered