Prof. HU Jiansheng Nominated for the Nuclear Fusion Award
count: [2019-12-30]

Prof. HU Jiansheng of ASIPP, who is the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars winner, the leading talent in science and technology innovation of the national ten thousand person plan, the chief of the national key research and development project, was nominated for the 2019 Nuclear Fusion Award recently.

Nuclear Fusion Award is reviewed once a year, which selects form the article published in the journal of Nuclear Fusion two years ago. According to the scientific nature and citation of the paper, all the editorial boards of the journal shall nominations in secret and select the first author of one article as the final winner.

This award is used to commend the authors who have made significant contributions and represent the highest scientific level in fusion field. Nuclear Fusion Award of 2019 was selected from published papers in 2016.  Prof. HU’s paper "First results of the use of a continuously flowing lithium limiter in high performance discharges in the EAST device" was chosen as one of 11 candidates for this year’s award.  Finally, Dr. N. T. Howard of the United States won this prize.

Prof. HU and his team have been engaged in magnetically confined plasma physics experiments for a long time. They are committed to the development and application of new methods and technologies for the plasma and wall interaction. The lithiation treatment and advanced plasma charging technologies solve the key problems for impurities and recirculation control and feeding of plasma, these issues also affect the high constraint, steady state maintenance plasma to obtain. It provides a basic condition for EAST long pulse plasma run refresh many international records, the related research is published in journals of Nature Physics, Nuclear Fusion, etc. (MENG Xiancai reports)

First flowing liquid lithium limiter in EAST

(J.S. Hu et al., Nucl. Fusion 56 (2016) 046011)



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