Prof. ZHANG Xiaodong Gave A Lecture at ASIPP
count: [2019-12-18]

Deputy Director, Prof. ZHANG Xiaodong gave a lecture titled “From Tokamak Experimental Facility to the Fusion Reactor, Some Possibilities in Experimental Technology Development Research” at ASIPP on Dec. 13.

Starts with explaining the opportunities and challenges followed by participating in ITER, ZHANG describes the new technology concept of polaroid filter, ECRH multi-beam distribution, NBI deflection and partial injection, possible first wall materials, and the possibilities of future experimental technology development and research.

ZHANG points out that with the design, construction and future burning plasma experiments of ITER, the existing tokamak experimental devices in the world carry out experimental research on the requirements of ITER. Meanwhile, the device upgrade and new device design are considered to carry out experimental verification and exploration for the issues concerned by ITER and future fusion reactors.

By proposing two thought-provoking questions: "What are we capable doing and what is the required knowledge & skills serving ITER?” "What are the other researchers in the world doing?" , ZHANG hoped that on the basis of ITER understandings and future fusion reactor requirements, ASIPP young generation could make important contributions to the international plasma research area.(WU Sha reports)