Russian Senior Official Delegation Visits ASIPP
count: [2019-12-18]

A Russian Senior Official Delegation invited by Anhui Provincial Government visited ASIPP on 15th December. During the visit, head of Tokamak Physics Experiment Division, Prof. XU Guosheng introduced EAST tokamak, and deputy Head of Administration Office, Ms. DONG Shaohua introduced the latest progress of CFETR project. A photo of Russian former Prime Minister Medvedev in ASIPP attracted the visitors’ attention.

‘You should be very proud of Russian fusion scientists,’ said Dong in front of retired HT-7 tokamak, ‘HT-7 was the first superconducting tokamak in China. Originally named T-7, it was donated to ASIPP by the Kurchatov Institute of the former Soviet Union in 1990, and then fundamentally reconstructed, beginning operation in 1994 as HT-7. HT-7 made significant contributions to fusion research and development in China!’

The Russian Senior Official Delegation consists of 29 government or university officers. Some of them are ASIPP collaborators from Moscow University and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. (XI Yingkun reports, Image by HU Hailin)


Visiting EAST tokamak


Visiting EAST Control Room


Visiting HT-7 tokamak