Prof. Shunjiro Shinohara and Dr. Shogo Isayama Visited ASIPP
count: [2019-11-12]

Emeritus Professor Shunjiro Shinohara from Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology (Japan) and Dr. Shogo Isayama from Taiwan University visited ASIPP on 06 November 2019.

They first toured in the Helicon Plasma Physics and Application Laboratory and the control room of EAST tokamak, and then had discussions about helicon plasma discharge and electrodeless acceleration with Professor LUO Guangnan, the head of Fusion Reactor Material Science & Technology Division (FRMST), and young scientists.

In the afternoon, Professor Shunjiro Shinohara gave a talk titled “Development of High-Density Helicon Sources and their Applications to Electrodeless Plasma Thrusters” at University of Science and Technology, for which Professor Guangnan Luo and young scientists from FRMST also attended. (CHANG Lei reports)