ASIPP Team Won the First Prize in the National Science Experiment Exhibition
count: [2019-09-25]

WANG Teng, WANG Junru and LI Yaqin from the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) participated in the 2019 National Science Experiment Competition, held at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) campus on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and won the first prize.

In the routine experiment of Stage 1, ASIPP team challenged the one with highest failure rate, Faraday Circle. Dr. WANG Teng, young stuff from Tokamak Division, calmly completed all the experimental content at the last moment, obtained full score.

At the optional experiment part of Stage 2, the team demonstrated three amazing properties of plasma in terms of conducting electricity, emitting light and being controlled by magnetic field, explained the basic scientific knowledge of controlled nuclear fusion research.

After two stages of fierce competition, ASIPP team stood out from the whole 101 teams, and won the first prize, ranking first among the 7 teams from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At the same time, their performance PPT "the fourth state of matter" was selected by the chemistry teacher of USTC as the teaching reference. (WU Sha reports)

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ASIPP Team holding the First Prize Trophy