ASIPP Joins the National Science Day Anhui Activities
count: [2019-09-17]

2019 National Science Day Anhui Activities starts from Sept. 15 at National University of Defense Technology Anhui Campus. Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) was invited to organize thematic knowledge exhibitions and interactive scientific experiments.

"Artificial Sun from the Future", "Amazing Fourth State of Matter" and "Superconducting Magnet" theme pictures exhibition describe the scientific knowledge of nuclear fusion, plasma and superconducting magnet. "Cool Plasma Lightsaber" plasma ball interactive experiment shows the public about plasma discharge. "Electromagnetic Small Train", "Electromagnetic Rotating Coil", "Electromagnetic Damping Ball" and other "magnetic mystery" interactive experiments explain the principle of magnetic field to the audience. "The Wonderful Use of Liquid Nitrogen”, "Goldfish "back to life" and balloons "hot expansion and cold contraction" quick look interpreted the low temperature knowledge, which attracted a lot of attention. (WU Sha reports)

Anhui Provincial Leader Watched the ASIPP Exhibitions (Image by YE Hualong)


ASIPP Exhibitions Draw a lot of Attention (Image by YE Hualong)