EAST Team Develops Prototypes of In-vessel Cryopump and Feed Through for HL-2M Tokamak
count: [2019-09-17]

The EAST team has managed to develop prototypes of in-vessel cryopump and feed through which is the important components of HL-2M Tokamak, as the project had passed its factory acceptance test recently.

As important components of HL-2M Tokamak, the prototypes of in-vessel cryopump and feed through can control plasma density in vacuum vessel to eliminate neutral gas with higher instantaneous pumping rate and performance, then to realize both higher plasma parameters and better plasma quality. The cryopump is toroidally continuous with a radius of 1890 mm formed by seven kinds of bending pipes.

During its manufacturing, the R&D team has solved many key technical difficulties, such as bending of internal Inconel625 thin-wall pipe, plug welding, spraying of Inconel625 bending pipe, heat treatment of Inconel625 alloy, five-dimensional machining of sheet metal parts, and ring formed by multi-layer bending pipes and so on, ensuring the following assembly and testing process. (FANG Wenhui reports)

Fig. 1. Sketch of the Cryopump with a segment of vacuum vessel (Image by FANG Wenhui)

 Fig. 2. Factory Acceptance Test Meeting (Image by FANG Wenhui)

Fig. 3. The On-site Prototypes (Image by FANG Wenhui)