ASIPP Completed Conductor Production Testing Tasks for its ITER Conductor Procurement Package
count: [2019-07-18]

With the completion of coloring detection of the last conductor PF3UL01 92CAB029 in the procurement package of poloidal coil conductor (PF), the ITER conductor procurement package undertaken by the superconducting engineering laboratory of ASIPP has completed the production and testing tasks of all conductors.

The ITER superconducting magnet system is powered by conductors from China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Russia and the European Union. ASIPP applied superconducting engineering laboratory undertook three conductor procurement package, six types of conductor production testing tasks, including the toroidal field (TF) coil conductor procurement package, poloidal field coil conductor (PF) procurement package, correction field coil and superconducting conductor transmission lines (CC&Feeder) procurement package, it provides 13 TF conductor (7.5%), 64 PF conductors (69%) and 29 root CC&Feeder conductor (100% of the total).The conductor is made by NbTi and Nb3Sn respectively.

Among them, TF conductor procurement package and CC&Feeder conductor procurement package completed final delivery on January 22, 2016 and May 24, 2016 respectively. PF procurement package has completed all production testing tasks, and only 3 conductors remain waiting for the transport notification from the conductor receiver. The research and development of conductor procurement package has achieved 100% localization, 100% samples have passed performance evaluation, and 100% ITER progress requirements have been met.

 Ten years after the implementation of conductor procurement package, in response to ITER's first-grade quality requirements, ASIPP superconducting engineering research laboratory, combined with the quality system of Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, has established a quality management system suitable for conductor procurement package, effectively guaranteeing the quality control in the production and testing process. (WU Sha reports) 

 Coloring Detection of Conductor PF3UL01 (Image by Lina ZHU)