Efficiency Sterilization Achievable by Regulating Plasma-liquid Interaction
count: [2019-03-12]
    Gas-phase discharges in contact with liquid and at the gas-liquid environments can generate liquid-phase reactive species. It has been attracted considerable attention by researchers, as its great potential application in biomedicine and water purification.

    However, how to generate the bactericidal-desired reactive species via manipulating the interaction between gas-liquid plasma and aqueous solution is still a challenge.

    Recently, ASIPP scientists designed a gas-liquid phase air and oxygen plasma to selectively and controllably generate reactive species and efficiently inactivate bacteria in the liquid.

    It is found that the bactericidal effect of oxygen plasma direct treatment is better than air plasma direct treatment, while the indirect treatment has the opposite effect. The types and contents of reactive groups in liquid-phase can be controlled by changing the physical characteristics of plasma and choosing appropriate treatment methods.

    This finding would be very practical in the future engineering applications with low energy consumption and high efficiency sterilization. (WANG Ying reports)

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