ASIPP Develops ICRF Antenna for US Fusion Device LAPD
count: [2018-11-30]

The ICRF antenna developed by ASIPP for US fusion device, LAPD was checked and accepted by experts from TAE Technologies Inc. (TAE) on14th November.  

LAPD (Large Plasma Research Device) is a linear plasma research device for magnetic confinement fusion. ICRF antenna is an important heating device for this device.  

The ICRF antenna will be used to study the coupling of high-order harmonic fast-wave phased array antenna with plasma and the propagation of wave on LAPD device, which will provide important reference and verification for the research on NORMAN, a large-scale anti-field position tokmak in US. 

On the acceptance meeting, TAE experts highly appreciated the high quality of ICRF antenna. It’s indicated that the antenna’s performance meets the overall requirements and the key components reach the advanced technical standard. 

TAE is a private investment and operation company dedicated to the exploration and development of fusion energy. With the support of Microsoft and Google, the company runs a large-scale NORMAN nuclear fusion device at the National Laboratory level, and cooperates with famous American national laboratories and universities such as UCLA, PPPL, MIT, ORNL and UT. BAO Yu reports